• Caspy & Caspy

    Caspy & Caspy is one of the oldest and leading accounting firms in Jerusalem. The Firm was established in 1965 by Moshe Caspy.

    The Firm has a department that provides specialized services for New Olim and Returning Residents from the U.S., including the filing of U.S. income tax returns.

  • Personal Service

    The providing of personal, professional, reliable and high-quality service, while adhering to the values of integrity, fairness and professional ethics, constitutes the central value in the Firm's activities. We believe in long-term cooperation with our clients, while insisting on personal ties, availability of service and an understanding of the unique needs of each of our clients.

  • Among Our Services

    The Firm provides many diverse services for a wide range of business sectors within and outside of Israel.

    including: accounting and audit services, the different aspects of taxation, internal audit and risks management, ISOX, investigative audits, financial consultancy and business guidance.

Representative special projects and clients of the Firm

Largest water and sewer company in Israel
Largest medical center in Jerusalem
Leading public company in field of power electronics
Leading public company in the development of drugs to treat cancer
One of the largest pharmaceuticals company in Israel
One of Israel's leading mortgage banks
Company for Identification and Restitution of Assets of Holocaust Victims
Knesset Building
Government Companies Authority
Council for Higher Education
National Insurance Institute
National statutory science and health institutions
Funds, foundations and companies for the public benefit in the fields of immigration, education, health, science and culture
Entities operating in the U.S. & Israel